Win-Project Corrugated And Offset Erp Software Automation

Win-Project Corrugated And Offset Erp Software Automation

General Specifications

  • Ability to build practical, fast and assertive combinations

  • Automatic data exchange between the software and machinery

  • Work planning for all the machinery through dynamic planning module

  • Shipment planning

  • Coil tracking system through barcode (by a wireless handheld computer)

  • Very detailed order, production, shipment and sales analyses

  • Ability to create your own report through modular reporting

  • Tracking the stage of order through order and production tracking screens

  • Customer, production, financing and risk analysis and self-test systems

  • Production, order and production approval systems

Win Project Depo
Win Project Stok Bilgileri
  • Dynamic order costing and profit/loss analysis

  • Machinery performance analysis

  • Customer order, production and sales reports based on months

  • Unlimited photo, video and sound recording for the relevant product

  • Pallet tracking system

  • Paper need report

  • Product warehouse tracking system based on semi-finished products and finished products

  • Very detailed wastage tracking system

  • Proposal to order conversion

  • Product pricing

  • Calculating the estimated cost for order

  • Order form printout

  • Automatic supply system based on order

  • Printing out and tracking of the production form for the relevant order

  • Dividing the same order into multiple deadlines

  • Combined product order tracking system

  • Order product definition graphic and design work

  • Order payment and current account connection (Foreign currency order tracking)

  • Order tracking system (Domestic market/import)

  • Order approval system

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