Win-Manage Business Intelligence And Decision Support System

Win-Manage Business Intelligence And Decision Support System

  • Hundreds of reports run at the same time on a single screen.

  • It is a business intelligence administrator system and is designed for result oriented works.

  • Sub reports can be built to the deepest detail of the data constituting the results displayed.

  • Data can be interpreted or reported from more than one data source.

  • Data of more than department can be set up and monitored on the same screen.

  • More than one tracking window can be opened on the platform.

  • Only the works or data to be tracked appears on these windows, so hundreds or thousands of data is not queried one by one.

  • Graphics can be dynamically uploaded to the platforms.

  • On the screen where hundreds of reports are running, the previous data continues to run instantly until the last data appears on the screen.

  • Thus, the other data is updated simultaneously with the last data appearing on the screen.

  • It is possible to set the time for refreshing the data on the screen.

Win Manage İş Zekası
Win Manage İş Zekası

If you want, you can enable instant data refreshing.

  • You can create more than one platform on the screen.

  • You can give any authorization you want to each platform.

  • With high level authorization, more than one administrators can use the same system effectively.

  • Win-manager does not cause any damage on your existing data and does not copy your data to another location.

  • With its effective structure, Win-manager analyzes your data that is recorded wrong or deficiently to the system.

  • So, it allows you to create a sound database.

  • Win-manager is not a data recording system. It just reads, analyzes and interprets the previous recorded data in your systems.

  • Win-manager does not have a reporting limit. You can monitor one or thousands of reports simultaneously.

  • We-manager is also your manager assistant with its active and dynamic use. It is always on your side.

As it directly receives the data from the system, it eliminates any user intervention.

  • It prepares the analyses, which sometimes take weeks, only in seconds.

  • Win-manager is a real manager; because if you build the decisions you will take, then you can create a significant decision support system within the scope of the setup you built.

  • Let’s say you are changing your program tomorrow. You can actively use your new programs with the same setup.

Win Manage İş Zekası