Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

BSS consultancy can be simply defined as a “company doctor”. BSS provides the services with following details both for the products that it supplies (ERP, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, BARCODE APPLICATIONS, PLC AUTOMATIONS etc.) and for the other products.

BSS consultancy is an independent, professional consultancy service that provides a solution to the management and business problems for the managers and organizations, determines and takes advantage of new opportunities, improves learning and change management, and assists its customers in achieving their goals.

BSS consultancy is a pinpoint consultancy service that searches for and finds problems in business strategy, organization structure and business methods, develops appropriate recommendations and supports the implementation of these recommendations.

Why should you get this service?

  • You improve the competitiveness of your company.

  • Prepares your company to the target market and ensures that you set the right targets.

  • Allows you to improve your customer portfolio by increasing your market share.

  • Increases your turnover. Reduces the costs. Increases the efficiency.

  • Strengthens and improves the internal organization.

  • Develops strategic management techniques.

  • Improves the management and decision-making process.

  • Increases the number of financial resources areas.

  • Provides general and specific information related to the sector.

  • Improves the quality of human resources.

  • Improves the information systems and evaluation abilities. Matures the management with data.

Your Company Doctor
Professional Constultancy

How do our consultants work?

As it is not possible to bring any recommendation without knowing your company’s existing condition, we first start with analysis. This is the examination and X-ray stage.

We evaluate the information and findings, and render an analysis report. This is our diagnosis stage.

As in medicine, “correct diagnosis” is vital for management consultancy. It becomes easier to recommend a solution after you identify the problems accurately.

Our fundamental principle is knowing that every business is different than the other and developing a solution accordingly.

It is not sufficient that the consultant only gives a recommendation. Achievement lies in the implementation stage.

We start the implementation stage together with the business owner. This stage includes regular meetings, trainings, awareness raising and corporate culture efforts, and strategy development meetings. We do the implementation with the teams created within the business.

We reevaluate the final condition at the end of the implementation stage and decide on what to do. At this stage, the business owner mostly asks for continuous consultancy. We monitor the progress and developments with regular meetings.

The most important recommendation to those asking for a consultancy service is that they apply on time and do not ask for a miracle solution for the “patients who are already on their deathbed”.

BSS Consultancy