Easy Interface

We take care that the use of interface in all the software we develop for you is the simplest and easiest.

Fast System

We have the fastest new generation corrugated plate counter of the world. It counts in less than 6 seconds.


R&D team supported by university specialist in imaging.

Advanced Specifications

Advanced specifications of our systems have led us to rank first in the industry.


We offer you the highest quality service with our detailed, flexible, highly technological and deep analysis solutions we provide with our specialist team to the sectors that we operate in.

Win-Project Corrugated And Offset Erp Software Automation

It is a fully integrated solution meeting all the needs from costs to finance that is developed with a great detail for the corrugated cardboard and offset packaging factories.

Win-Paper Paper Production And Sales

It monitors the production of roll paper either from cellulose or scrap paper, and also dynamically monitors the stock and reserve together with the procurement and sales of any kind of imported paper.

Ready-Made Production Plc Automation

It is a PLC automation solution that runs fully integrated between the machines in all processes of the corrugated and offset factories and the ERP, and that effectively controls the starts-stops of the machinery.

Coil Foot Plc Automation

It ensures that each coil placed to the coil foot of the corrugated machine automatically matches with the running combination. In this way, coil consumptions and half coils are monitored instantly, while it is possible to ensure a sound cost and traceability with the information on which coil is used in which combined production.

Win-Manage Business Intelligence And Decision Support System

With the Win-Manage app, administrators ensure an absolute control in every detail of their businesses. Instant analyses and effective stats can be obtained through the administrator tracking and control screens. And a very fast decision and tracking points are created by running hundreds of reports on the same screen.

Win-Project Web-Mobile Management

With this structure which particularly the sellers and customers can use very effectively, it is possible to track all the ordering structures of the customers both through mobile devices and tablets or notebooks, and it is also possible to enter the orders and track all the current accounts through dynamic costing method over the web.

Consultancy Service

BSS consultancy is a pinpoint consultancy service that provides a solution to the management and business problems for the managers and organizations, determines and takes advantage of new opportunities, improves learning and change management, searches for and finds problems in business strategy, organization structure and business methods, develops appropriate recommendations and supports the implementation of these recommendations.